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For Life
2010.01.28 (Review of 2004.12.02 edition)

Man's best friend. A dog? Maybe, but in the winter months, this little device is certainly a close second!

Today's Lesson


  • A space heater is a small, usually portable device used to warm a small room or other small area.
  • space heater は、小さな部屋など、狭い範囲を暖めるために使う小さな機器で、普通、持ち運びができるものをさします。



  1. My apartment is only six mats, so a space heater is all I need to stay warm.
  2. The man selling roasted chestnuts had a space heater in his stall and looked very cozy indeed.
  3. (at the office)
    Remember to turn off the space heater before you leave the office, OK?
  4. Don't let the dog get too close to the space heater and don't fall asleep with it on, either.
  5. Natural-gas and fuel-oil space heaters are usually less expensive to use than electric ones.

英会話レッスンAnd by the way, a space heater is always best when shared with a friend - of the human kind!