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For Life
2010.01.27 (Review of 2004.12.01 edition)

All this talk about the cold lately is making us ... well, cold! It's time to go inside and warm up. But as anyone who's walked into a cold room knows, just being inside isn't always enough. So for the rest of the week, let's talk about how to make a room warm and cozy in the midst of a frigid world!

Today's Lesson


  • To insulate something is to keep heat from entering or leaving it by covering it with a material such as wool, feathers, or plastic.

    Insulation is any material used to insulate something.
  • insulate は、ウールや羽毛、プラスチックなどで物を覆うことによって熱の出入りを防ぐ、つまり、断熱する、という意味です。

    insulation は、断熱のために用いられる材料のことです。



  1. There's no need to insulate homes in Manila. It has a tropical climate and never gets very cold.
  2. a: The winters here in Tokyo feel colder to me than winters back in Canada.
    b: It's because your apartment isn't insulated.
  3. These gloves are insulated, so I can wear them when I go skiing.
  4. We just spent over a thousand dollars for plastic foam insulation for the house. But we'll probably have saved that much on heating costs in a few years.

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