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2010.01.19 (Review of 2004.12.07 edition)

If you want great surfing, you need great surf (= waves). And if it's great skiing you seek, you'll need the right set of conditions on the slope!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • The snow conditions on a ski slope are the combination of depth (= centimeters of snow) and texture (= soft, hard-packed, icy, etc.) of the snow on the slope at a particular time.

    Be Careful! This expression is always plural. We never drop the final “s” and say “snow condition”.
  • snow conditions とは、ある時点におけるゲレンデの雪の状態のことで、積雪量(何センチメートルあるか)と雪質(やわらかい、固い、アイスバーン、など)の両方を合わせた状態をさします。

    注意:この表現は複数形で使います。最後の s なしで snow condition とは言いません。



  1. Snow conditions at Berlitz Alpine Skiway have been excellent for most of the season - a good, deep base with lots of fresh snow falling each week.
  2. Difficult snow conditions due to recent freezing rain are keeping most skiers away.
  3. a: Did you enjoy your ski trip?
    b: Very much. We had fabulous powdery snow conditions and great weather the whole time we were there.
  4. a: How about going to Zao this weekend?
    b: Sounds good. Let me check the Internet for snow conditions.

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