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2010.01.18 (Review of 2004.12.06 edition)

Greetings! Although our official Vancouver Winter Olympics special doesn't start for three weeks yet, we thought we'd whet your appetite with a pre-Olympic sneak preview!

We're paying tribute to the king of winter sports and its brash, unconventional sibling. We'll do our best to stay on our feet until Friday!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
SKI SLOPE   スキーのゲレンデ


  • A ski slope is part of a mountain or hill which, when covered with snow, is used to slide down on skis for fun or competition. If people on snowboards use it, it can also be called a snowboard slope.

    Be Careful! The Japanese word ゲレンデ comes from the German word “” meaning “an area of land that has been cleared for a special purpose”. It is NOT used in English to mean ski slope.
  • ski slope は、山や丘の一部で、積雪時にスキーを楽しんだり、スキー競技をしたりするために使われる場所、つまり、スキーのゲレンデのことです。スノーボードに使われる場合は、snowboard slope と言います。

    注意:日本語の「ゲレンデ」は、ドイツ語の (特殊な目的のために切り開いた土地、という意味)からきています。英語では、ski slope の意味でこの言葉は使いません。



  1. a: Have the ski slopes in that part of the country opened yet?
    b: No. They still haven't had any snow there.
  2. I couldn't believe it when I saw the indoor artificial ski slope in the middle of town.
  3. Even when the ski and snowboard slopes close for the season, there are still lots of other outdoor activities to do in this area.
  4. Ski slopes for beginning skiers are sometimes called “bunny slopes”.
  5. The intermediate slopes at that ski resort really are challenging enough even for advanced skiers.
  6. After five runs down the slope, we were all very ready for lunch.

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