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Welcome back! It's time to turn up the heat a few degrees, pour yourself something hot, and savor the start of another week at Berlitz WordMaster@Work!

Two months have passed since we devoted an @Work series to workplace idioms, so we're due for a few. And remember that although there are thousands of idioms out there, an idiom doesn't become a WordMaster unless it's truly worth your time!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
ON THE SHELF (= postponed)   棚上げされて、延期されて


  • If something - for example, plans or a project - is on the shelf, it has been delayed or is not being used.
  • 計画やプロジェクトなどについて on the shelf と言うと、延期されている、棚上げされている、という意味になります。


  1. (restaurant owner)
    If and when the space next door becomes available, we have plans on the shelf for expanding our seating area and including a bar.
  2. They've had to put production on the shelf until they do some more safety testing.
  3. It's a shame just to leave a great idea like that on the shelf.

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