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One of the biggest drawbacks of growing up is that you have fewer opportunities to sit in this most luxurious of seats!

Today's Lesson
(SIT ON SOMEONE'S) LAP   (誰かの)ひざ(の上に座る)


  • Your lap is the flat surface made by the tops of your thighs (= the part of your leg above the knees) when you are sitting down.

    To “sit on someone's lap” is to sit on the tops of their thighs while they are sitting down.
  • lap とは、座ったときの、もも(=脚のひざから上の部分)の上の水平な面のことです。

    sit on someone's lap は、誰かが座っているときに、その人のももの上に座る、という意味です。



  1. Sorry, but I need to go home and change (= put on different clothes). I just spilled coffee all over my lap.
  2. Here, cover your lap with this blanket. You'll be warmer.
  3. (taking a class picture)
    All right, everyone in the front, I want you to sit with your hands in your lap.
  4. (to her 3-year-old)
    We don't have any more chairs, honey. Do you want to sit on my lap?

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