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2009.10.28 (Review of 2004.03.18 edition)

The WordMaster isn't usually one for formalities, but sometimes the occasion requires it. Here's an elegant, though uncomfortable, way to sit at such times!

Today's Lesson


  • Your heel is the back part of your foot that touches the ground.

    It's also the raised part on the bottom of a shoe, below the heel of your foot.

    To sit on your heels is to kneel (= place both knees on the floor) and rest your bottom on your heels.
  • heel とは、足の後部の、地面に触れる部分、つまり、かかとのことです。


    sit on your heels は、ひざまずいて(=床の上に両膝をつく)尻をかかとの上に乗せる、つまり、正座する、という意味です。



  1. (dancer)
    I bruised my heel during rehearsal and had to miss our first three performances.
  2. (customer at shoe repair shop)
    How much would it cost to have you replace the heel on this shoe?
  3. In many formal situations in Japan, people sit on their heels to show respect.
  4. (a foreigner asking his Japanese friend for advice)
    a: Do I have to sit on my heels when I eat at someone's home?
    b: No, of course not. You can sit cross-legged or any way that's comfortable for you.
  5. I had to sit on my heels for the whole ceremony. Boy, did my legs ache!

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