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When you've made that long journey to “see the pyramids along the Nile,” it's nice to have someone there who can tell you all about them!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
TOUR GUIDE vs. TRAVEL GUIDE   観光ガイド vs. ガイドブック


  • A tour guide or tour conductor is a PERSON who shows cities, museums, historic areas, etc., to visitors and gives them information and advice about those places.

    A travel guide or guidebook is a BOOK that gives visitors information and advice about a place.

    Be Careful! When used alone, guide can mean either a person OR a book.
  • tour guide または tour conductor は、都市、美術館、歴史地区などで観光客を案内し、その場所に関する情報や助言を与える人、つまり、観光ガイドのことです。

    travel guide または guidebook は、観光客に、ある場所に関する情報や助言を与える本、つまり、ガイドブックのことです。

    注意: guide だけで使われる場合、人と本のどちらの意味にもなります。



  1. Our tour guide in Venice spoke five languages.
  2. Tomomi is studying to be a tour conductor. She's always loved to travel.
  3. The hotel was recommended in my travel guide.
  4. (to bookstore employee)
    I'm looking for a guidebook on the Hawaiian Islands.
  5. Maybe we should hire a guide to take us around the city.
  6. Anna is writing a guide to discount shopping in Tokyo.

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