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If you think sports should be more fun than grueling and more social than competitive, this might be more your style!

Today's Lesson


  • An intramural sport, game, etc., is one in which students play or compete against other students from their own school, not from other schools.
  • スポーツや試合などについて intramural と言うと、他校生ではなく、校内の生徒を相手にプレーや競争をする、という意味になります。



  1. I played intramural badminton in high school.
  2. Kyle finished second in the intramural table tennis tournament.
  3. Intramural sports were a big part of student life at my university.
  4. If you're really serious about basketball, you should try out for varsity. But if you just want to have fun, then why not join the intramural team?

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