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Few experiences at school are anticipated quite as keenly as sports day. And here's the category of sport that many sports day events belong to!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • Track is a sport in which runners race each other on a track (= a circular path wide enough for several runners).

    A field event is an athletic competition that takes place on the field (= an open area, often of grass or dirt) in the middle of a track; for example, high jumping, long jumping, or the hammer throw.

    Track and field is the sport that includes both track and field events.

    Be Careful! We can say that someone competes in track and field, track, or a field event, but we do NOT say that someone competes in “field.”
  • track は、ランナーがトラック(何人かのランナーが走るのに十分な幅のある円形路)で競走するスポーツ、つまり、トラック競技のことです。

    field event は、トラックの中央にあるフィールド(多くの場合、芝や土でできた広いスペース)で行われる運動競技(例えば、高跳び、走り幅跳び、ハンマー投げなど)、つまり、フィールド競技のことです。

    track and field は、トラック競技とフィールド競技を含むスポーツ、つまり、陸上競技のことです。

    注意: compete in track and fieldtrackfield event(陸上競技、トラック競技、フィールド競技に参加する)と言うことはできますが、compete in “field” とは言いません。



  1. I'm thinking of trying out for the track team next year. I've always been a fast runner.
  2. His dream is to become a track star so that he can make millions (of dollars) selling athletic shoes.
  3. The long jump is one of the most popular Olympic field events.
  4. The World Track and Field Championships were held in Tokyo in 1991.

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