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When you rent an apartment, you don't just move into a new space. You also enter into a new relationship that's not unlike a marriage. Whether you both live happily ever after or choose to cut your losses with an early divorce depends on how compatible you are and on how willing you are to compromise.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
TENANT / LANDLORD   賃借人、居住者/家主


  • A tenant is someone who rents an apartment, office space, etc., from the owner.

    A landlord is the owner of an apartment, office space, etc., that can be rented.

    Be Careful! A female landlord is sometimes called a landlady.
  • tenant は、所有者からアパートやオフィススペースなどを賃借する人、つまり、賃借人のことです。

    landlord は、賃貸されるアパートやオフィススペースなどの所有者、つまり、家主のことです。

    注意:女性の landlord は、 landlady と言うこともあります。



  1. You must be the new tenant. I'm Ted. I live next door in 203.
  2. (manager of an apartment building)
    We're close to the university and the rents are low, so a lot of our tenants are students.
  3. My landlord hasn't raised the rent in ten years.
  4. (to a new tenant)
    If you have any problems or questions, call the building manager, not the landlady.

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