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We see this as a sane and sound approach to animal population control. But something tells us that our pets have a rather different take on the matter - especially the males.

Today's Lesson
NEUTER   去勢する


  • To neuter (verb) an animal is to remove part of its sex organs so that it can't mate (= make babies) with other animals.

    The noun form is also neuter.
  • neuter (動詞)とは、動物が他の動物と交尾する(子供を作る)ことができないように、その生殖器の一部を除去する、つまり、去勢する、という意味です。

    名詞形も neuter で、去勢された動物、という意味です。



  1. I think there are a few places in town that'll neuter your pet for free.
  2. (to an employee at an animal shelter)
    Has this cat been neutered?
  3. a: Why is there a cone around your dog's head?
    b: We had him neutered yesterday.
  4. a: Er ... I think your dog might be getting a little too friendly with mine.
    b: Don't worry, he's a neuter.

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