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2009.08.20(Review of 2006.01.17 and 2006.01.18 edition)

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Today's Lesson
TAKE (a baby) FOR A WALK / WALK (a dog)


  • To take a walk or to go for a walk is to walk outside for pleasure or health.

    To take someone (usually a baby, child, or sick or elderly person) or a dog FOR a walk is to walk together for pleasure or health.

    To walk (verb) a dog is to take it for a walk.

    To walk (verb) a person TO A PLACE is to walk there with them to make sure they get there safely, to show them the way, or just to be friendly or polite.
  • take a walk あるいは go for a walk とは、楽しみや健康のために屋外を歩く、つまり、散歩をするという意味です。

    take 〜 FOR a walk とは、人(通常は赤ちゃんや子ども、病人、またはお年寄り)あるいは、犬を、楽しみや健康のために、散歩に連れて行く、という意味になります。

    動詞で walk a dog と言うと、犬を散歩に連れて行く、という意味です。

    動詞で “walk + 人 + to + 場所”という形で表現すると、安全で、確実に目的地にたどり着けるように、または道順を教えるために、あるいは、単に礼儀や友好的な気持ちから、一緒にどこかまで行く、という意味になります。

TAKE (a baby) FOR A WALK / WALK (a dog)


  1. Let's take a walk outside. It's a lovely day!
  2. I went for a long walk in the woods yesterday and saw a deer.
  3. Don't you think you should take the dog for a walk? He hasn't been out all day.
  4. (Lisa is 18 months old)
    I'm going to take Lisa for a walk in the stroller.
  5. a: How did you and Makiko first meet?
    b: I was taking a walk in Yoyogi park, and she was there walking her dog.
  6. It was my daughter's first day at kindergarten today. She cried while I walked her to school.
  7. (after dinner at Gary's home)
    FRIEND: I'd better go. It's getting late.
    GARY: I'll walk you to the station.
  8. a: Excuse me, do you know where the Berlitz Center is?
    b: I work at the Berlitz Center. If you'd like, I'll walk you there.

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