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2009.08.05(Review of 2003.10.16 edition)

Hello again, baseball fans, and welcome back to game 3 of the WordMaster Series of Baseball. You're playing in the big leagues now!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
WALK (a batter)   フォアボール、フォアボールで出塁させる


  • In baseball, a walk (noun) is when a batter is able to go to 1st base because the pitcher throws four balls (= pitches that are not strikes and that the batter does not try to hit).

    When this happens, we also say that the pitcher walks (verb) the batter.

    Be Careful! The expression “four ball” (フォアボール) is Japanese-English and is NOT used to mean walk.
  • 野球において、 walk (名詞)とは、ピッチャーがボール球(ストライクではなく、また、バッターが打とうとしない球)を4球投げたために、バッターが1塁に出塁できること、つまり、フォアボールのことです。

    この状況を、動詞で the pitcher walks the batter 、つまり、ピッチャーがバッターをフォアボールで出塁させる、と言うこともできます。

    注意: four ball (フォアボール)は、和製英語で、 walk の意味にはなりません。

WALK (a batter)


  1. The first batter reached base on a walk and then ran home on a long double to center field.
  2. a: The other team scored the winning run on a walk.
    b: Oh, that's a tough way to lose!
  3. Our coach brought in a new pitcher after Sam walked three batters in a row.

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