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Greetings, and happy Friday! Today we take up a topic that's very close to our hearts here at Berlitz. Take a look at Example 3 to see why!

Today's Lesson
IMMERSION   没頭、浸かること


  • To immerse yourself in a language is to use and listen to only that language for a period of time.

    The noun form is immersion.
  • immerse yourself in a language と言うと、ある期間、その言語だけを使ったり聞いたりする、つまり、没頭する、という意味です。

    名詞形は immersion で、没頭、浸かること、という意味です。



  1. Immersing yourself in a language by doing a homestay abroad is a great way to improve your fluency.
  2. I attended an amazing two-week English immersion program in Boston last summer.
  3. Maximilian Berlitz pioneered (= was one of the first to develop and use) the “direct method” of language instruction, using full immersion in the target language.

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