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HOST FAMILY   ホストファミリー


  • A host family is the family in whose home someone does a homestay.

    We also sometimes use the expressions host mother, host father, host sister, etc.
  • host family は、ホームステイをする家の家族、つまりホストファミリーのことです。

    host mother (ホストマザー)、 host father (ホストファザー)、 host sister (ホストシスター)などと言ったりもします。



  1. This is a picture of the host family my daughter stayed with this summer.
  2. The oldest son of my German host family is coming to visit me this summer.
  3. I really like my host mother. She's very kind to me, takes me everywhere, and is a terrific cook!
  4. (meeting Dan, an American student, at Barcelona Airport)
    a: Hi! I'm, Marie Elena.
    b: You're Marie Elena - my host sister? ... Oh, I think I'm going to like it here!

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