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It's nice to see you again! We love that you keep coming back for more WordMaster week after week. Eventually, we hope that WordMaster, and English in general, will become as much a part of your day as the morning cup of coffee, the evening news, or your daily hug from someone special.

This week, when vacation and travel are on the minds of so many, we take as our theme one of the great summer experiences: Study Abroad!

Today's Lesson


  • To study abroad is to go to school in a foreign country.
  • study abroad は、外国の学校に行く、つまり、留学する、という意味です。



  1. He's going to study abroad next year - in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  2. A lot of students are attracted to the university by the many opportunities to study abroad.
  3. I've applied for the study abroad program in Tanzania. If I'm accepted, I get to study ecology in the Serengeti!

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