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For Life
2009.07.23(Review of 2006.07.20 edition)


We're sailing the seven seas this week, and here's a phenomenon that any sailor worth his salt is intimately familiar with!

Today's Lesson
TIDE   潮


  • The tide is the rise and fall of the ocean that happens about every 12 hours, caused by the pull of the moon and sun.
  • tide とは、月と太陽の引力によって引き起こされ、約12時間ごとに起こる海水の満ち引き、つまり、潮のことです。



  1. These rocks are completely covered in water at high tide.
  2. It was fun to explore the tide pools, looking for crabs and starfish when the tide was low.
  3. (one man to another while working on the shore)
    We only have about an hour before the tide comes in, so we'd better hurry.
  4. When the tide is out, the water in the harbor isn't deep enough for large ships to enter.

英会話レッスンJoin us again tomorrow, because you never know what the tide is going to bring in next!