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2009.07.07(Review of 2003.07.08 edition)

Here's a WordMaster for the seventh day of the seventh month. Sounds like your lucky day!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
LEAVE OUT / LEAVE (on the train)


  • To leave food out is to NOT put it in the refrigerator or freezer, in the cupboard, in its bag or container, or wherever it's usually kept.

    To leave something someplace is to NOT take it with you when you move to another place.
  • leave food out と言うと、冷蔵庫や冷凍庫、戸棚、袋や容器など、普段その食べ物が保存されているところに入れない、つまり、出しっぱなしにする、という意味です。

    leave something someplace と言うと、別の場所に移動するときに、何かをある場所に置き忘れる、という意味です。

LEAVE OUT / LEAVE (on the train)


  1. You shouldn't leave chicken out in this heat. It'll go bad in no time.
  2. I had to throw out the egg salad. You left it out all night.
  3. Mom left the cookies out on the table, so I thought it was all right to have one.
  4. a: You're all wet!
    b: Yes, I know that! I left my umbrella on the train.
  5. My daughter is always leaving things at school. Yesterday she even came home without one of her socks!

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