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We're at the end of our series on beards and mustaches, and we've saved the most interesting expressions for last!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム


  • Peach fuzz is a light covering of very short, soft hairs, such as a boy's first mustache or the fine hair on some women's arms and legs.

    5 o'clock shadow is beard growth that appears on a man's face several hours after shaving.
  • peach fuzz とは、うっすらと覆っているとても短くて柔らかい毛(例えば、男の子の最初に生える口ひげや、一部の女性の腕や足の細い毛など)、つまり、産毛のことです。

    5 o'clock shadow とは、ひげを剃った数時間後に、男性の顔にひげが生えることです。

THICK (beard)


  1. a: I can't believe your boy's in junior high already.
    b: Time flies, doesn't it? He's already getting a little peach fuzz on his upper lip.
  2. Her arms were beautifully tanned and covered with soft, blond peach fuzz.
  3. I shave my legs about once a week to get rid of the peach fuzz.
  4. (before going out in the evening)
    Maybe you'd better shave again before we leave. You've got some five o'clock shadow.
  5. Kyle's beard grows so fast and thick that he already has five o'clock shadow at noon!

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