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TRIM (your beard)   (ひげを)整える、(ひげの)手入れをする


  • To trim a beard, a mustache, hair, etc., is to cut parts of it a little shorter in order to make it look neater.
  • trim は、あごひげ、口ひげ、髪の毛などをきれいにするために、一部を少し短く切る、という意味です。

TRIM (your beard)


  1. a: Why did you shave your beard?
    b: I didn't like having to trim it all the time.
  2. (in a memo about the company dress code)
    Beards and mustaches are fine as long as they're kept neatly trimmed.
  3. (barber to customer)
    a: How would you like it (= your hair) cut?
    b: Just trim it a little on the sides and in the back.
  4. I think I'll trim the hedges this weekend. I want the yard to look nice before your parents come.

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