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Today's topics have been given a bad name by the health conscious, one of the reasons being the often over-zealous use of salt in their preparation. Nonetheless, the world's love affair with these savory dishes doesn't seem to have lost any of its passion!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ


  • French fries or fries are long, thin, deep-fried pieces of potato.

    Fast food is food such as hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken, tacos, burritos, and pizza that is prepared and served to customers quickly and usually wrapped or put in a package so it can also be taken away.

    Be Careful! We usually do NOT use the expression “fried potatoes” like the Japanese フライドポテト to mean French fries.
  • French fries または fries は、油で揚げた、長くて細いポテト、つまり、フライドポテトのことです。

    fast food は、ハンバーガー、フライドポテト、フライドチキン、タコス、ブリトー、ピザなど、すばやく調理してお客さんに出し、持ち帰ることもできるように、通常包装されたり、容器に入ったりしている食べ物、つまり、ファーストフードのことです。

    注意: French fries のことを、日本語では「フライドポテト」と言いますが、英語では fried potatoes という言葉は普通使いません。



  1. (taking a customer's order)
    Would you like French fries or a baked potato with your steak?
  2. My burger came with a mountain of fries!
  3. When I get really busy at the office, I tend to eat a lot of fast food.
  4. I like the taste of fast food, but I wish it didn't have so much fat and salt.
  5. There are some fast food restaurants and a coffee shop inside the mall.

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