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Salt is the world's favorite flavor enhancer! Sprinkle a little over dinner and transform a humdrum meal into a crowd pleaser. Let vegetables, fruit, meat, or fish sit in salt overnight and the results are positively magical!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
PICKLE   塩漬け、酢漬けにする、ピクルス


  • To pickle (verb) a vegetable or other food is to preserve it (= keep it from going bad) and give it a salty, sour, etc., taste by keeping it in salt, salt water, vinegar, etc., for a period of time.

    A pickle (noun) is a vegetable or fruit that has been preserved in this way.

    Be Careful! In the United States, the word pickle (noun) is usually used to mean a pickled cucumber, the kind that is sliced and put on hamburgers or served on the side with sandwiches.
  • pickle (動詞)は、野菜などの食物をある期間、塩、塩水、お酢などに漬けて、(腐らせないように)保存し、塩味や酸味などを付ける、つまり、塩漬け、酢漬けにする、という意味です。

    pickle (名詞)は、このように保存された野菜や果物、つまり、ピクルスのことです。

    注意:アメリカでは、名詞の pickle は通常、ピクルスにしたキュウリのことで、スライスしてハンバーガーにのせたり、サンドイッチの付け合せに出したりするものをさします。



  1. My wife pickles fresh vegetables from the garden in rice bran (ぬか).
  2. a: Do you like pickled plums (梅干)?
    b: Not really. They're too salty for me.
  3. Meals at our hotel in Nara always came with a small plate of pickled vegetables. My favorite was the pickled eggplant.
  4. (ordering at a hamburger restaurant)
    I'll have the quarter-pounder with cheese and extra pickles, please.

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