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Today's Lesson
FULL (= no longer hungry)   お腹がいっぱいな、満腹の


  • To be full is to no longer be hungry because you have eaten enough.
  • full とは、十分に食べたのでもうお腹はすいていない、つまり、お腹がいっぱいな、という意味です。

FULL (= no longer hungry)


  1. a: Would you like some more rice?
    b: No thanks. I'm full.
  2. I'm still full from lunch. I don't think I'm going to have dinner.
  3. a: Could I have some more meat?
    b: Aren't you full yet? That'll be your fourth helping.
  4. They say that high-fiber foods make you feel full sooner and longer.

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