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greeting /greet'ing/
1. the act of saying hello or welcoming someone with special words or actions
2. (usu. plural) a formal expression of kindness or goodwill

Today's Lesson
DEFINE   定義する


  • To define a word or expression is to explain what it means.

    A definition is an explanation of the meaning of a word or expression.
  • define は、単語や語句の意味を説明する、つまり、定義する、という意味です。

    definition は、単語や語句の意味の説明、つまり、定義のことです。



  1. (in an English class)
    TEACHER: Natsumi, can you define the word “acquaintance” for me?
    STUDENT: An acquaintance is someone you know, but not well.
    TEACHER: Very good!
  2. (friends looking at an old desk in a secondhand store)
    a: Do you think this is an antique?
    b: I guess it depends on how you define “antique.” To me it just looks used.
  3. a: Do you consider yourself successful?
    b: How do you define “successful”?
    a: I mean, have you achieved your goals? Are you where you'd like to be in life?
  4. PATIENT: What's the definition of High blood pressure?
    NURSE: High blood pressure is defined as anything over 140/90.
  5. Scientists have always had trouble coming up with (= finding) a good definition of the word “planet.”

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