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For Life


There's something very special about having the entire student body gathered together in one place. It binds a school together and inspires students to make their best effort for themselves and for the good of the school.

... Oh, and it also makes a nice break from the usual routine!!

Today's Lesson


  • A school assembly is an event where all the teachers and students in a school come together to discuss school events, listen to a speaker, see a performance, etc.
  • school assembly とは、先生や生徒全員が集まって、学校行事について話したり、講演を聴いたり、パフォーマンスを見たりする行事、つまり、学校の集会のことです。



  1. (principal making an announcement to the whole school)
    An all-school assembly will be held tomorrow during second period. All students must attend.
  2. There will be an afternoon assembly on Friday before the start of the Easter break.
  3. A Marine who fought in World War II came to talk to the school at a special assembly on Veterans Day.

英会話レッスンWe'll all be gathering here again tomorrow. We hope you'll join us then!