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Although you can't JUDGE a book by its cover, you can sometimes PRICE one that way. But if the true value of a book is in its words, why does a stiffer cover affect the cost so much?

Today's Lesson
PAPERBACK / HARDCOVER   ペーパーバック/ハードカバー


  • A paperback is a book with a flexible paper cover.

    A hardcover is a book with a stiff cover made of, for example, cardboard covered in cloth or leather.
  • paperback とは、やわらかい紙表紙の本、つまり、ペーパーバックのことです。

    hardcover とは、例えば布や革を張った厚紙などで作られた固い表紙の本、つまり、ハードカバーのことです。



  1. a: Have you read Max Berlitz's latest novel?
    b: No. I'm waiting for it to come out in paperback.
  2. (to a bookstore clerk)
    a: I'm looking for a hardcover edition of “Don Quixote.”
    b: I'm sorry, but we only have that in paperback.
  3. The third book in the “Berlitz Files” series of detective novels is coming out in hardcover in the spring.

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