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For Life

Hello again!

How do you like our sweet, rich, filling WordMaster installments so far? Well, unfortunately, there can be too much of a good thing, especially where food is concerned!

Today's Lesson
OVEREAT   食べ過ぎる


  • To overeat is to eat too much.
  • overeat とは、食べ過ぎる、という意味です。



  1. (leaving a restaurant)
    I should never go to all-you-can-eat places. I always end up overeating.
  2. (having Christmas dinner at a friend's home)
    a: Would you like another helping of turkey?
    b: Oh, no thanks. I promised myself not to overeat today.
  3. It's hard not to overeat during the holidays. There are so many good things to eat!

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