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For Life
2008.12.10(Review of 2002.12.12 edition)

It's a splurge, but it sure makes Christmas Eve feel special, especially if your date is special as well!

Today's Lesson
DINNER SHOW   ディナーショー


  • A dinner show is an event where customers have an evening meal while enjoying live entertainment.
  • dinner show は、お客さんが生のステージを楽しみながら夕食をとる催し物、つまり、ディナーショーのことです。



  1. a: Do you have any plans for Christmas Eve?
    b: Robert's taking me to a dinner show at the Berlitz Hotel.
  2. (calling a friend from Las Vegas)
    After we did a little gambling on the slot machines, we went to a dinner show.
  3. (advertisement)
    Our popular holiday dinner show features a five-course meal and a live performance by world-famous magician Max Berlitz!

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