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For Life
2008.12.09(Review of 2002.12.11 edition)

Nice to see you again! The mood is festive here at WordMaster, and it's going to feel even merrier as soon as we plug in today's edition...

So let's flip the switch and ... let there be light!

Today's Lesson
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS   クリスマス イルミネーション


  • Christmas lights are lights put up as decoration during the Christmas season.

    Be Careful! In the United States, it's more common to use the expression “Christmas light display” to talk about the displays called イルミネーション in Japan.
  • Christmas lights とは、クリスマスの時期につける電飾のことです。

    注意:日本で「イルミネーション」と呼ばれる、クリスマスの飾り付けのことを、アメリカでは普通 Christmas light display と呼びます。



  1. My father's put up over a thousand Christmas lights on the house this year.
  2. Let's drive around the neighborhood and look at all the Christmas lights!
  3. Have you seen the Christmas light display at the mall?

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