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For Life
2008.12.08(Review of 2002.12.10 edition)


We continue our countdown to Christmas by looking at some of the most conspicuous (= obvious) signs of the season. They bring warmth, color, and even a little dazzle to the holidays!

Today's Lesson
(Christmas) DISPLAY   (クリスマス)ディスプレイ


  • A display is an arrangement of things (for example, Christmas decorations) put out for people to see.
  • display とは、クリスマスの飾り付けなど、人に見せるために飾ってあるもののことです。

(Christmas) DISPLAY


  1. (manager of a large hotel)
    People come from all over the city to see the Christmas display in our lobby.
  2. Department stores sometimes spend thousands of dollars on their window displays to attract customers.
  3. I was so impressed by the display of student artwork at my daughter's school festival.
  4. The displays of snow and ice sculptures are a highlight of the Sapporo Snow Festival.
  5. Many cities throughout the world celebrate New Year's Eve with fireworks displays.

英会話レッスンIt's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!