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Today we talk about the deepest stirrings of the human heart and mankind's attempt to answer some of life's most important questions.

Today's Lesson


  • Religion (uncountable noun) is the belief in and worship of (= showing respect to) a higher power, such as a god.

    A religion (countable noun) is an organized system based on such a belief and worship; for example, Buddhism or Shinto.

    The adjective form is religious.
  • religion とは、数えられない名詞として使う場合、神のような、より大きな力に対する信仰や崇拝(敬意を表すること)、つまり、宗教のことを言います。

    religion を数えられる名詞として使う場合、仏教や神道などのような、信仰や崇拝に基づいて組織化された体系のことを言います。

    形容詞形は religious で、宗教の、という意味です。



  1. Religion is an important part of her life. She goes to church every morning and reads the bible regularly.
  2. Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the United States.
  3. Easter is a Christian religious holiday.
  4. The cross and the star of David are well known religious symbols.

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