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Here's an art form for which the WordMaster has the deepest respect!

Today's Lesson


  • Literature is writing (especially creative writing) that is generally considered important or to have artistic value.

    It is also all such writing produced in a particular country, language, or time period.
  • literature とは、重要、または芸術的な価値がある、と一般に認められている(特に創作的な)書き物、つまり、文学のことです。




  1. (in a library)
    a: I'm looking for a book by Charles Dickens.
    b: If we have it, you'll find it in the literature section.
  2. a: Do you read much classic literature?
    b: Not really. I'd rather read the latest bestseller.
  3. “The Tale of Genji” is an important piece of Japanese literature written during the Heian Period.
  4. After reading Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, she knew that she wanted to study Russian literature in college.

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