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We ignored Culture Day last week to bring you up-to-date election coverage (of a sort), but this week we give that venerable holiday its due. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • The culture of a country or group of people is their way of life, traditions, beliefs, and achievements (= difficult and important things they've done).
  • culture とは、ある国やある集団における生活様式、慣習、信仰や(人々が成し遂げた困難で重要な)功績、つまり、文化のことです。



  1. More and more Westerners are fascinated by Japanese culture. Interest in martial arts, Zen meditation, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, anime and manga continues to grow.
  2. I spent a semester abroad in France studying the language and culture.
  3. Have you seen the Egyptian art exhibit at the Berlitz Museum of Ancient (= very old) Cultures?
  4. I would love to live in Fiji. The scenery is gorgeous, and it's a peaceful and gentle culture.

英会話レッスンIt's been a pleasure!