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2008.11.07(Review of 2003.09.10 and 2003.09.11 edition)

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The news media may still be discussing the election results, but the WordMaster is ready to wrap things up. So here's a Friday twofer, our last words on the U.S. presidential election - America's favorite TV reality show!

Today's Lesson
RUN (= enter an election) / CANDIDATE


  • To run IN an election or to run FOR a position (for example, president or mayor) is to enter an election for that position.

    A candidate is someone running for a position in an election.
  • run FOR a position、または run IN an election は、ある役職(例えば大統領や市長など)の候補者として選挙に名乗り出る、つまり、立候補する、という意味です。

    candidate は、選挙で立候補している人のことです。

RUN (= enter an election) / CANDIDATE


  1. He should run for mayor. I think a lot of people would vote for him.
  2. a: Did you hear that Brad is going to run against Rie for class president?
    b: But he doesn't stand a chance of winning. Rie's the most popular girl in school.
  3. Six candidates are running in the election for governor this year.
  4. She was a candidate for prime minister three times before she was finally elected.
  5. Which candidate did you vote for?.

英会話レッスン... and the final votes are in. The WordMaster has been elected Absolute Ruler of the Free World! Long live the WordMaster!!