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For Life
2008.11.05(Review of 2003.09.08 edition)

Thanks for voting to return for more WordMaster coverage of the important events currently taking place in the U.S. What events? We're glad you asked ...

Today's Lesson


  • To elect someone to do a job is to choose them by voting.

    An election is the process of choosing someone to do a job by voting.
  • elect は、投票によって特定の仕事をする人を選び出す、という意味です。

    election は、投票によって特定の仕事をする人を選び出すこと、つまり、選挙、という意味です。



  1. We'll soon find out who has been elected the next president of the United States.
  2. He was elected as captain of the rugby team three years in a row.
  3. The people of Osaka elected her to be Japan's first woman governor.
  4. The newly elected mayor is young and ambitious.
  5. Whoever wins this year's presidential election, history will be made. The U.S. will almost certainly have either its first black president or its first female vice president.
  6. It was one of the closest elections ever - won by only 10 votes.

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