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DRESS SHIRT vs. WHITE SHIRT   ワイシャツ vs. 白いシャツ


  • A dress shirt is a formal shirt such as men wear at the office.

    The expression white shirt can be used to talk about any shirt - formal or casual - that is white, but the expression is often used to talk specifically about a white dress shirt.

    Be Careful! A dress shirt can be ANY color, not just white.
  • dress shirt とは、男性がオフィスで着るような、きちんとしたシャツ、つまり、ワイシャツのことです。

    white shirt は、フォーマル、カジュアルを問わず、白いシャツのことを言いますが、特に白いワイシャツの意味でよく使われます。

    注意: dress shirt は、白だけでなく、全ての色のシャツを含めて言います。



  1. (to a new employee)
    Things are pretty casual in this office. Instead of dress shirts and slacks, most people wear T-shirts and jeans.
  2. (mother to son before meeting relatives)
    Why don't you put on a dress shirt today? Don't you want to look nice for everyone?
  3. All of my dress shirts have stripes or checks, so I had to buy a white shirt for the funeral.

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