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STRESS (a syllable)   (音節に)強勢、アクセントをつける


  • To stress (verb) a word or syllable is to say it more loudly.

    The noun form is also stress.
  • 動詞の stress は、単語や音節をより強く言うこと、つまり、強勢、アクセントをつける、という意味です。

    名詞形も stress で、強勢、アクセント、という意味です。

STRESS (a syllable)


  1. You should stress the second syllable in the word “advance.” (= ad-VANCE)
  2. The meaning of a sentence can change a lot depending on which words are stressed.
  3. When “present” is a noun, the first syllable is stressed, but when it's a verb, the stress is on the second syllable.
  4. STUDENT: Where should I put the stress in the word “accidentally”?
    TEACHER: The main stress is on the third syllable, and the secondary stress is on the first.

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