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2008.09.11(Review of 2004.01.22 edition)

As television screens begin to rival the silver screen for size and picture quality, television sound keeps getting clearer, fuller, and more powerful, as well. Movie scores and computer-generated explosions have never sounded so good!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
VOLUME (on a TV)   (テレビの)ボリューム、音量


  • The volume is the loudness of the sound coming from a TV, a stereo, computer speakers, etc.

    Be Careful! We do NOT say the volume is “big” or “small” like the Japanese ボリュームが大きい and ボリュームが小さい. Instead, we say the volume is “high” or “low. ”
  • volume は、テレビやステレオ、コンピュータのスピーカーなどから流れる音の大きさのことです。

    注意:volume が大きい、小さい、と言うときに、日本語では big や small を使いますが、英語では、the volume is “high”、the volume is “low” と言います。

VOLUME (on a TV)


  1. (to her daughter, who's listening to loud music)
    Turn the volume down. It's late!
  2. (watching TV)
    Would you mind turning up the volume? I can barely hear what they're saying.
  3. (trying to use a remote control)
    a: The volume control isn't working on this thing.
    b: The batteries must be dead.
  4. These headphones reduce outside noise, so you don't have to set the volume so high.
  5. The volume might be too low for Grandpa. He's hard of hearing, you know.

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