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2008.09.08(Review of 2004.01.19 edition)


We dipped into the riches of the WordMaster archives and came up with a sweet set of expressions about our old friend the television. As most of these expressions have become part of the Japanese language as well (written in katakana, of course), the real value of this set is found in the examples. So take a good look and enjoy!

Today's Lesson
CABLE TV / SATELLITE TV   ケーブルテレビ/衛星放送


  • Cable TV is a set of TV channels that reach your television via cable (= wires).

    Satellite TV is a set of TV channels that are broadcast from a satellite (= a piece of equipment in space).
  • cable TV は、ケーブルを利用したテレビ放送システムです。

    satellite TV は、衛星 (satellite) を利用したテレビ放送システムです。



  1. We can get over 200 cable TV channels in our area.
  2. a: Do you have cable TV?
    b: Not yet. My mom says we can get cable when my report card improves.
  3. You can tell how many homes have satellite TV by counting the number of satellite dishes.
  4. My favorite satellite channel is BCN, the Berlitz Comedy Network.

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