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Today's expression isn't exactly the stuff of everyday conversation, but you're almost certain to hear it used on your next international flight. Here's what it means!

Today's Lesson
SECURELY STOWED   しっかりと収納された


  • If something is securely stowed on an airplane, it has been put away so that it cannot hurt a passenger, cause damage (for example, by falling out), or be damaged during a flight.
  • 飛行機の中のものについて、securely stowed というと、フライトの間に(例えば、落下することによって)何かが乗客を傷つけたり、ほかのものに損傷を生じたり、それ自体が損傷を受けたりすることがないように、しっかりと収納してある、という意味です。



  1. (in-flight announcement)
    Please make sure all bags are securely stowed in the overhead bins or underneath the seat in front of you.
  2. (pilot to passengers)
    Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent into San Francisco. Please return to your seats. Make sure your seat backs are up and tray tables are securely stowed.
  3. (passenger to employee at the baggage claim area)
    They told me my guitar would be safe and securely stowed with the other check-in luggage, but I just opened up the case and found the neck broken.

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