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Today's Lesson


  • An overhead compartment or overhead bin is a shelf-like space with a door - located above the seats on a plane - where carry-on luggage can be stored during a flight.
  • overhead compartment または overhead bin とは、飛行機の座席の上にある扉のついた棚のことです。フライトの間に、機内持ち込みの手荷物をしまっておける場所です。



  1. (passenger to airline employee)
    a: Can I take this bag on board the plane with me?
    b: No, I'm sorry, but carry-on luggage has to be small enough to fit in the overhead compartments.
  2. If there's no room in the overhead compartment, you can put your bag underneath the seat in front of you.
  3. (short passenger to taller passenger)
    Would you mind helping me put my bag in the overhead bin?

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