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2008.06.04(Review of 2003.10.07 edition)

Morning, noon, or nighttime, anytime's the right time, for Berlitz WordMaster! Now here's your Wednesday edition!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
(lunch)TIME   (昼食)時間


  • Lunchtime is the time of day when you usually have lunch.

    Bedtime is the time of day when you usually go to bed.

    There are many other such expressions using the word “time.” You can even make up your own! (For example, see the Q&A at the end of today's edition.)

    Be Careful! In some cases, “time” becomes part of the word, as in lunchtime. In other cases, it's part of a two-word combination, as in work time.
  • lunchtime は、昼食の時間、という意味です。

    bedtime は、就寝時間、という意味です。

    このように、time とほかの単語を組み合わせた「〜時間」という意味の表現はたくさんあります。自分で作ることもできます。(独自の表現の例としては、最後のQ&Aをご覧ください。)

    注意:time が単語の一部になって、1語として扱う場合 (例:lunchtime) と、2語の組み合わせ (例:work time) になる場合があります。



  1. The cafeteria is usually pretty crowded at lunchtime.
  2. (mother to her little girl)
    It's bedtime. Put your toys away and get in your pajamas now.
  3. We're not supposed to browse the Internet or check personal e-mail during work time.
  4. The theater box office has a recorded message with directions and movie showtimes (= the times when movies begin).

英会話レッスンQ: What time is it when you need a friendly dose of English?
A: It's WordMaster time, of course!