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For Life
2008.05.19(Review of 2000.08.15 edition)

Hello! It's mid-May, and those warm, inviting days of summer are not far off. If you want to beat the crowd, this might be a good time to begin making plans for the season of sun and fun. And we've discovered a few classic editions from the archives that should be of great help!

Today's Lesson


  • A vacation is a break from work or school during which you relax and enjoy yourself.
  • vacation とは、仕事や学校のお休みで、くつろいだり楽しんだりすることです。



  1. When I told my host brother and sister that summer vacation in the United States is three months long with no homework, they didn't believe me at first.
  2. We'll be closing the shop next week so that we can take our annual vacation to Okinawa.
  3. The company gives us two weeks of vacation every year in addition to national holidays.
  4. a: May I speak to Mr. Adams, please?
    b: I'm sorry, but he's on vacation this week. May I take a message?
  5. He's going to Canada on vacation with his family. They're going to spend a week in Banff.
  6. Please stop delivering our newspaper until next Monday. We're leaving on vacation tomorrow.

英会話レッスンWe'll be California dreamin' until we run into you next time!