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2008.05.08(Review of 2000.10.25 edition)

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
SO (do I) vs. NEITHER (do I)


  • So do I” means “I do, too.”
    So is Tom” means “Tom is, too.”

    Neither do I” means “I don't, either.”
    Neither is Tom” means “Tom isn't, either.”
  • So do I. は、私もそうです、という意味です。主語や動詞を入れ替えて、So is Tom. (Tomもそうです)などと使うこともできます。

    Neither do I. は、私もそうではありません、という意味です。Neither is Tom.(Tomもそうではありません)などと使うこともできます。

SO (do I) vs. NEITHER (do I)


  1. a: I love all the sun we've been having lately!
    b: So do I!
  2. a: I'm really tired.
    b: So am I. Let's take a break.
  3. a: My parents have never left Japan.
    b: Neither have mine. They don't like flying.
  4. (to her grandchildren, Lori and Johnny)
    You shouldn't eat so much candy before dinner, Lori. (as Johnny reaches for another chocolate) And neither should you, Johnny.

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