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Each edition this week is a common idiom that contains the word “mind”. Just the thing for an eager, hungry mind like yours!

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NEVER MIND   気にしないで


  • Never mind means “Don't worry” or “It's not important.”

    Be Careful! We do NOT use the expression “Don't mind” like the Japanese ドンマイ to mean never mind.
  • never mind とは、気にしないで、または、たいしたことではありませんよ、という意味です。

    注意:「気にしないで」という意味で、日本語では「ドンマイ」と言いますが、英語では Don't mind. を使うことはありません。Never mind. と言います。



  1. (new employee to supervisor)
    a: I guess my first day at work didn't go very well, did it?
    b: Never mind. In a few days, you'll be doing just fine.
  2. (after dropping and breaking a friend's wireless mouse)
    a: Oh, I'm so sorry!
    b: Never mind. It was time to get a new one anyway.
  3. a: I forgot to wrap your present.
    b: Never mind. It's what's inside that counts.

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