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2008.04.14(Review of 2000.11.29 edition)

Welcome back!

It's time we revisited one of the world's favorite pastimes: shopping! This week, we'll look at ways to fill your shopping cart with all the latest fashions and gadgets while keeping more of your money where it belongs - in your wallet, because this week the WordMaster is out Bargain Hunting!!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
(ON) SALE   特売、バーゲンセール/セール中で


  • If a store or other business has a sale, or if their goods are on sale, then their goods are sold at special prices that are lower than usual.

    Be Careful! We do NOT use the word “bargain” like the Japanese バーゲン to mean sale. Also, the expression “bargain sale” (バーゲンセール) is Japanese-English.
  • sale とは、特売、バーゲンセールのことです。 on sale と言うと、商品が通常よりも安く、特別価格で売られていること、つまり、セール中で、という意味になります。

    注意:日本語では、 sale の意味で「バーゲン」や「バーゲンセール」と言いますが、これは和製英語です。



  1. They're having a sale at my favorite music store this week. Everything on the shelves is 20% off.
  2. There's a big sale going on at the Berlitz Department Store in Ginza.
  3. This wireless mouse only cost 1500 yen. It was on sale.
  4. (store clerk to customer the day before a sale)
    If you come here tomorrow, you can buy it on sale for half price.

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