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Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
GO ON (= continue)   続く、続ける/続けて


  • To go on is to continue or to last for a period of time.

    To ask or tell someone what's going on is to ask or tell them what's happening.

    We also say Go on. to encourage someone to start or continue to do something.
  • go on とは、一定の期間、続く、または、持続する、という意味です。

    what's going on と使うと、何が起こっているのか、という意味になります。

    誰かに、何かをするように、または続けるように促すときに、「やってごらん/続けて。」という意味で、Go on. と言うこともあります。

GO ON (= continue)


  1. a: How long has the construction across the street been going on?
    b: It's been almost two months now.
  2. In February I caught a bad cold and had a cough that went on for weeks.
  3. If you go on thinking that nothing's wrong, things will never get better.
  4. a: What's going on at the office these days?
    b: We have a couple of new employees working there. They seem nice.
  5. (to a friend about to dive into the pool for the first time)
    Go on! You can do it!

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