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This week we'll show you four delicious ways to use the word “go” - simple recipes you can whip up every day of the week!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
GO AHEAD   着手する、思い切って〜する/どうぞ


  • To go ahead is to begin to do something or (for something) to happen, especially after a delay or difficulty or after getting permission.

    We also say Go ahead. to let someone know that it's all right to do something.
  • go ahead とは、何かをし始める、または、何かが起こるようにする、という意味で、特に、それが遅れていたり、困難な状況があったりした後、または、許可を得てから始めるときに使います。

    誰かに、何かしても構わない、と伝える場合、「どうぞ。」という意味で、Go ahead. と言うこともあります。



  1. (waiting for a friend at a restaurant)
    He's already 40 minutes late. Maybe we should go ahead and order.
  2. Now that Janet's pregnant, is she still going ahead with her plans to go to business school?
  3. Even if it rains, the festival will go ahead as scheduled.
  4. Guess what! Mom said we can go ahead and build the tree house!
  5. a: Is it okay if I turn up the heat a little?
    b: Sure, go ahead.

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