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For Life
2008.04.01(Review of 2002.01.10 edition)

Here's an old friend from the WordMaster archives of 2002!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
OLD (= earlier)   以前の、かつての


  • Someone's old job, computer, school, house, etc. is one they used to have, used to go to, used to live in, etc.

    Be Careful! We do not say “old wife” or “old husband” to mean “ex-wife” or “ex-husband”.

    * Also see the 18 April 2005 WordMaster, “OLD FRIEND / CLOSE FRIEND”.
  • old job、 old computer、 old school、 old house は、それぞれ「前の仕事」「以前使っていたコンピュータ」「かつて通っていた学校」「以前住んでいた家」という意味になります。

    注意:「元の妻」「元の夫」は、old wife や old husband ではなく、ex-wife、ex-husband と言います。

    * 2005/4/18のWordMaster “OLD FRIEND / CLOSE FRIEND” 参照

OLD (= earlier)


  1. I miss my old job. Everyone in the office was so friendly.
  2. I ran into my old girlfriend on the train yesterday. She's married and has two kids already.
  3. My brother Tim is going to buy a new mountain bike, and he said I can have his old bicycle.
  4. Why don't we take a drive through the old neighborhood and see if anything has changed since we moved?

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